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Lets make developement easy via :)

In fact, L2.Net is namespace prefix :)
We decided to divide project on 4 separated servers 1 common library 1 data-provider library.
If you are interested in how this works, you can download sources and after looking on them, you would like to contribute something that you coded yourself, and it'll be a good start :)

L2.Net was designed some monthes before by me (Silence), Sheldon and Saile.
Now we are remaking whole solution structure to the best / portable way.

If you want to join our team, you may contact us via icq: 497275900

Project Documentation ( last update 19.05.2008 )

Solution Structure
L2.Net - Common project library.
L2.Net.DataProvider - Sql engines providers library.
L2.Net.CacheService - Cache service.
L2.Net.LoginService - Login service.
L2.Net.GameService - Main ingame world.
L2.Net.NpcService - Npc service.
L2.Net.Scripts - Scripts & data library.

Read Before Start Coding
Coding rules

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